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Two major events of importance this week in the Ukraine and Myanmar.


When a British First Sea Lord  suggests the most worrying matter right now is the build up of Russian troops on the Ukraine, you begin to take notice.

The West is conditioned to provide support to the Ukraine even though the Ukraine is not part of NATO. Any invasion by Russia brings us closer to a NATO style retaliation leading to conflict of the most serious kind.

It maybe only be a threat but needs to be handled with care. Russia’s recent troop movement looks like grandstanding by a country that’s given up trying to be liked and now wants the West to fear instead according to the BBC.


In South East Asia, Myanmar, also known as Burma, has another week of turmoil. The country is on the brink of collapse and will not be resolved for a while.

The Government’s military seized control on 1st February 2021 following a general election which Ms Suu Kyi\\\'s NLD party won by a landslide. Having backed the opposition, the military is demanding a rerun of the vote, claiming widespread fraud, though there is no evidence of such. 

The Government’s military are unlikely to win as some members of the military are considering changing sides in this conflict.

The military says it will hold a free and fair election once the state of emergency is over.

This is a brave move as there will be a call for reprisals; it will become more bloody before there is any chance of a reconciliation and future peace. 

The US, UK and European Union have all responded with sanctions on military officials.


Travel security tip for the week…

Smartphones can carry a lot of information about you and often do not provide a level of protection if it falls into the wrong hands.  Simple mobile/cell phones are a better choice when traveling to high risk countries. 


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