Case Study Medical assistance in Angola

Medical assistance in Angola


Angola, Waco




Insurance client

Operational Requirement:

Emergency medical treatment


NGS were advised that an insured client in the Chitue region of Angola had a worker who had suffered a snake bite whilst operating on a project in a remote area. The type of snake could not be confirmed and there was no medical facility near the project site. As a result the client requested immediate assistance.

NGS Actions

NGS quickly provided the location of a clinic that had the ability to administer anti-venom to the casualty at the nearby town of Waco. Whilst the casualty was transported by 4x4 vehicle 30 minutes to the clinic, NGS arranged the emergency appointment to ensure there was zero delay in receiving treatment.

Given the seriousness of the incident and the type of snake was not confirmed, a decision was made by the clinic and NGS medical team to evacuate the casualty to the capital Luanda for further treatment. 

Helicopter support in Angola is provided by the military, this was requested and arrived within 3hrs, whereupon the patient was transferred to the NGS approved hospital. 

Assets Deployed

Medical appointment

Anti-venom treatment

Helicopter support

Ground ambulance

Hospital admittance in Luanda

NGS medical team (remotely)

Task Summary

The medical response was complex, given the urgent and rapid requirement, remote area of operations and the involvement of not just civil but military assets to reach the required end destination.

Having arrived at the city hospital, being tested and receiving further treatment, the casualty was released to the client accommodation in Luanda. He subsequently flew home for a period of convalescence. 

NGS made arrangements will the client to look at holding required anti-venom on site in case of future incidents.


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