Case Study Medical Assistance – Liberia

Medical Assistance – Liberia


Remote Mine Site, Liberia


Insurance client

Operational Requirement:

Medical assessment and possible evacuation


The insured was carrying out some maintenance on a machine. As he was hammering, sharp iron fragments ejected from the machine and pierced his thorax resulting in one cut of about 10cm and another which left a foreign body in the patient by his armpit. 

NGS Actions

Upon receiving the initial request, NGS’ in house medical team reviewed the case and concluded that the patient was stable. The medical report and photos presented by the on-site medical facility were analysed by the NGS Team where upon it was decided to move the patient out of the region due to the requirement for surgery. The main concern was that the foreign body was very close to the vital regions (critical vessel and nerve pcks). 

NGS coordinated a ground ambulance to the airport arranged a commercial flight from Liberia to Turkey (patient was FTF) for the required surgery to remove the foreign body. A ground ambulance met the patient at the airport which escorted the patient to the medical facility for the operation. NGS coordinated all the road and air moves and issued GOPs to the medical facility used – providing a smooth service to the insured. 

After a successful operation, the patient returned to his country of residence for some R&R prior to returning to work at the mine site. 

Assets Deployed

NGS 24/7 ops centre

Vetted aviation supplier

Medical facilities

Ground ambulance (x2)

Task Summary

The task was successfully completed with no delay and with a constant flow of information between all parties throughout. This was executed in a timely and swift manner which exhibited the established cohesion between all assets that is required for such an operation. 

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