Case Study Medical assistance - Mali

Medical assistance in Bamako, Mali


Mali, Bamako 


Severe leg and chest injuries 


Insurance client 

Operational Requirement:

Medical evacuation and treatment


NGS were advised that an insured client had been involved in a road traffic collision (RTC) in Bamako, Mali. The person involved had been hit by an uninsured driver and suffered leg and chest injuries. The casualty had been taken to a local Malian clinic which was not on the NGS approved provider list and subsequent treatment was considered to be of a poor standard.

NGS Actions

NGS immediately contacted our regional medical provider to clarify the full extent of the casualty’s injuries and advise on the best course of action. After a thorough assessment and medical second opinion, it was evident that the treating clinic was not able to accommodate severe trauma patients. A decision was made between the insurer and NGS to immediately evacuate the casualty to a centre of medical excellence.

Due to visa restraints and urgency of the situation, Johannesburg, South Africa was selected to be in the casualty’s best interests. After a period of 4hrs, an air ambulance (with advanced lifesaving trauma crew) was dispatched and tasked to collect the casualty from Bamako. Ground transportation was also arranged and positioned ready to ensure a seamless transition from the clinic in Mali to the hospital in Johannesburg.

On arrival in South Africa, the casualty underwent major reparatory surgery. Injuries which were either missed or unable to be carried out in Mali were treatment and the medical evaluation and reporting was continually fed back to NGS in London.

Assets Deployed 

Medical doctor to review hospital diagnosis

Air ambulance with trauma crew

Ground ambulance

Orthopedic specialist


Family care team

Additional Problems Encountered 

The clinic in Mali stated they would not release the casualty without a substantial payment. The NGS regional medical provider costcontained the treatment bill and NGS provided guarantee of payment (GOP) to facilitate a timely release. 

Given the extended duration of hospitalisation and distance from home, the insurer authorised the casualty’s next of kin (NOK) to also travel to South Africa. NGS arranged local hotel accommodation and daily transport to the treating hospital for the entire period. 

Task Summary 

The medical evacuation went smoothly and the casualty received excellent treatment in South Africa. Less than 36hrs after task notification, NGS had performed a full medical assessment and organised logistical transfer to a centre of medical excellence

Due to misdiagnosis in Mali and extent of other injuries, the casualty spent a total of 6 weeks in hospital, undergoing various levels of treatment and physiotherapy. The NGS assistance and speed of response ensured that the casualty has now made a complete recovery and has since returned back to work. 


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