COVID 19 - 7 facts when travelling with us

COVID 19 - A Hotspot Cover Guide to travel insurance and how you are covered for Covid-19 and what to do if you fall ill with a coronavirus.

In response to the 2020 Global pandemic, Covid-19, the team at Hotspot Cover have gone back to our insurance partners to get cover relating to Covid-19 added into ALL policies. We are glad to let you know that all policies now include cover for Covid-19, which is usually excluded in most standard travel insurance policies. 

How we cover Covid-19

Hotspot Cover includes cover for medical and evacuation expenses caused by or resulting from COVID 19.  Our policy has no general exclusion or age restriction exclusion clauses for either pandemic, communicable diseases, coronavirus or COVID-19. For added peace of mind we do not apply any small print-type travel restriction clauses either. Travel in the comfort that our cover includes travel to countries where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office - or your country’s equivalent body - has issued a “do not” travel advisory. Hotspot covers you in destinations where your government may have warned against travel because  it is considered too “dangerous” - either generally speaking or because of COVID 19 specifically. 

What to do if you contract Covid-19

Whilst you are travelling if you contract COVID-19 or are suffering from its symptoms you should contact our emergency assistance providers, NGS who are there to help and are one of the industry experts and the best course of action for any claim. The  policy will  always adhere to its full terms and conditions, which can be found here. Cover would not be forthcoming or apply if you were either diagnosed with COVID-19 within 30 days or show symptoms within 14 days of the insurance start date (and we would hope you are self isolating in any case). The key take- away is that Hotspot Cover policies do not exclude COVID-19 and  will  not deny legitimate claims. Our policy and our partners have your best interests and health at heart.

Tracking and keeping up to date with Covid-19

Many customers use Hotspot Cover not just for the insurance but for the related services we bring to the table and make available to support the journey to Hotspots easily and free of charge. This is no different in the era of Coronavirus. We provide access to risk management tools that  help you tackle the continued period of economic uncertainty and travel instability caused by COVID-19. Hotspot Cover and NGS remain ever watchful to see how the international travel situation develops and we monitor the impact of COVID-19 on a per country basis whilst adapting our contingency plans daily. To this end our co-branded risk platform and smartphone app (which can be downloaded at https:/ offers a number of innovative and practical travel tools to assist in addressing the unpredictability of COVID-19. We give you a host of services including pre-travel country and regional assessments that include best COVID 19 practices and updates for them. Alongside this, the free Hotspot NGS App Plus provides real time access whilst travelling to generic advice and push notifications for medical, security and localised and large-scale incidents. If you use the “Red Button alert system NGS will know your location and will have at hand the very best COVID-19 protocols for your area.   We have put all tools at your disposal to help smooth out your journey and allow you to travel safe in the knowledge that our insurance, first responders and risk mitigation app are all on hand to support you. 


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