Travel Insurance for Cambodia

Country Risk Code: Medium

Insurance becomes a priority if you intend to travel or work in Cambodia. The country, although beautiful, has its own risks. Cambodia is characterised by problems such as landmines, poor healthcare, border clashes, poor air transport services, bad roads, and water. As a traveller, you should note that some insurance policies may not provide full coverage in Cambodia hence you should check your insurance provider.

Cambodia Landscape

Cambodia is now trying to advance after many years of war and the brutal government of the Khmer Rouge. The country is filled with landmines with the larger population adopting subsistence methods of farming. Regardless of its risks and problems, the country is known for its beautiful landscape with gleaming rice paddies, virgin rainforests, and old temples.

Potential Risks in Cambodia

There are risks in Cambodia hence travelers should make proper provision for Cambodia insurance. Ordnance is not uncommon in Cambodia and the areas affected are difficult to spot because they are not marked. Hence visitors are advised to stick to major roads especially in rural areas.

Caution should be exercised around the Preah Vihear temple even though there's a better border relationship with Thailand. Petty crimes such as snatching bags and pocket-picking are common in Phnom Penh and other tourist areas. This petty theft could happen anywhere whether you're in a market, a tuk-tuk, or in a motorbike taxi.

There have been reports of bomb attacks and shootings due to local conflicts although foreign nationals were not the target. Another major problem in Cambodia is corrupt police officers. Most officers are underpaid hence they extort civilians and take bribes to compensate for their small pay. Travelers are also likely to encounter more corruption while trying to get a travel insurance police report.

Transport Risks

Travellers should note that registered and operational airlines in Cambodia do not meet International airline standards. Bad roads are prevalent hence road travelers should exercise caution while driving. Road travelers are likely to encounter traffic police and pay one fine or the other. Visitors are advised to avoid paying bribes to corrupt police officers to discourage them from the behavior.

Health Risks

Health conditions such as dengue fever and malaria are prevalent in Cambodia. Waterborne diseases are not left out as the country battles with unclean drinking waters. Cambodia is still faced with poor healthcare accompanied by a lack of extensive medical facilities. It's vital for people coming into the country to have comprehensive health insurance with coverage for emergency repatriation and evacuation.

Cambodia Travel Tips

In Southeast Asia, Cambodia has become a popular destination as Cambodians are friendly, open, and appreciate tourists coming into the country. Cambodia is quite safe for travelers but it still has its own risks. These travel tips can help you have a safe trip

Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Cambodian Trip

While getting insurance for your trip to Cambodia, you should ensure that the travel insurance policy covers Cambodia. Ensure that your policy has a cover for emergency repatriation and evacuation.

LGBT Travel Guides for Cambodia

Surprisingly, Cambodia is LGBT-friendly, unlike most Asian countries, although there is no legal recognition of LGBT activities. In bigger cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, LGBT travelers are accepted there. Public display of same-sex affection is not common.