Travel Insurance for the Central African Republic

Country Risk Code: High

Ensure you have quality Central African Republic (CAR) insurance before you take a trip to this beautiful yet unstable country. Due to CAR being saturated with banditry, kidnapping, and ethnic violence, a quality travel insurance cover alongside provision for medical evacuation becomes essential.

Central African Republic - Overview

One of the poorest countries in the world, the Central African Republic is one of the least travel destinations in the world. Having gained its independence from France in 1960, CAR still strives to stand firmly. Sangha is the official language spoken, although french-speaking citizens inhabit some parts of the country. Tourism is almost non-existent in the Central African Republic due to the chaotic history.

Central African Republic - Potential Dangers

The capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui, experiences high tension due to political instability. Crime rates are also high. Corruption and bribery are not uncommon in this country as security officials mount roadblocks to extort money from road travelers. There is a risk of violence between several ethnic groups.
In 2018, sectarian violence broke out in Bangui, which led to several injuries and deaths. Demonstrations may take place. Protests are likely to escalate with the slightest trigger, which leads to disruption of public transportation and economic activities in that area. It's not uncommon that violent attracts and kidnaps have been targeted at foreign nationals and employees of international organizations. There have also been reported cases of humanitarian and UN workers being kidnapped. Women are prone to harassment, sexual assault, and verbal abuse.
What’s more, foreign visitors are advised to get kidnap and ransom insurance while visiting CAR. The armed group operates in more significant parts of the country. The armed group is known to injure, kidnap or kill civilians; this discourages visitors from visiting the country, and the few who visit the country restrict themselves to specific areas. During the unrest, consular services are usually limited or absent. In cases of chaos and violence, land borders and airports are typically closed with or without prior notice. Also, be aware that there have been previous cases of poachers operating in the Central African Republic.

Health Risks

There are low-standard medical facilities in CAR. There is a limited supply of medical facilities, especially in rural areas. Unsafe drinking water is prevalent in rural areas; hence visitors may need to examine the water source thoroughly. Visitors are advised to purify water by boiling it before drinking.

Transport Risks

Poorly maintained roads characterize CAR. During rainy seasons, particularly from May to November, roads become harder to navigate and become almost impassable. Bribery is expected on roadways. There are reports that bribes paid on a trip from Cameroon to Bangui can cost hundreds of dollars and euros.

Travel Tips for Central African Republic

Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Trip to the Central African Republic

Many governments consider CAR as a high-risk country and advise their citizens not to travel there. Your travel insurance can be affected if your destination is against your government's advice. Foreign visitors are advised to get a war and terrorism cover due to high sectarian and ethnic violence levels. Health insurance that covers emergency evacuation is also essential in CAR. Check that your insurance company covers CAR before taking the trip.

Travel Advice for LGBT Travellers

CAR does not prohibit same-sex relationships. However, LGBT acts are not socially accepted in the country.