Travel Insurance for Lebanon

Country Risk Code: High

If you plan to travel to Lebanon, you should update yourself with development and note that standard insurance may not provide adequate cover in Lebanon, especially for high-risk jobs and high-risk locations. Therefore, it is important that you have an adequate travel insurance policy when travelling to Lebanon.

Lebanon- Overview

Regardless of the political crises in the Middle East area, Lebanon has a moderate crime level with strict laws.

Potential Risk in Lebanon

Lebanese locals are generally friendly and hospitable. However, there are petty crimes like bag snatching and pickpockets, especially when you are in a vehicle. Recently there has been a rise in political violence. Foreigners working in the country are advised to review their security plans. Political protests can likely become chaotic.
Also, there is the risk of terrorist attacks by Islamist extremist groups. There are cases of bombings and kidnappings which usually target foreign nationals and humanitarian worker. Terrorists usually plan attacks without prior warning. Attacks could be carried out on large supermarkets, tourist areas, government facilities, and transport hubs. Additionally, places such as Beirut, the Bekaa Valley area, and border regions have had previous cases of kidnaps, with foreign visitors being the target.

Local Laws in Lebanon

Note that you are subject to the local laws of that country whenever you are in another country. Failure to adhere to the local law can land you in jail. Here are some of the local laws in Lebanon:

Relationship with Israel

There are long-standing complex issues between Lebanon and Israel. Consequently, it's vital for you to know that it's a grave offence for any Lebanese to visit Israel. Also, you may not be allowed to enter Lebanon if your passport has Israeli stamps.

Religion and Politics

Lebanon has several ethnic and religious groups. It's best to avoid commenting on religious or political topics; you may get into trouble.

Child Custody

Parents who travel with their kids to Lebanon should note that Lebanese authorities can prevent children from leaving the country under the request of the child's family member, who is a Lebanese citizen. Parents should also note that the Lebanese immigration authorities may request proof that the father permits the children to travel out of the country for children travelling without fathers.


It's illegal to partake in any drug-related transaction; buying, owning, or selling. If you are charged with drug offences, you can be sentenced to jail.


Lebanon restricts people from taking pictures of government facilities, military structures, and equipment. You might be detained and questioned if you take photos in areas with Hezbollah presence.

Dress Codes and Lifestyle

Lebanon comprises the Islamic and Christian religions. Some parts of the country are more lenient with dressing in other regions. In rural areas, dress codes are strict. Eating and drinking in public during the month of Ramadan is considered offensive.


Homosexuality is entirely illegal in Lebanon; consequently, anyone guilty of the act can be sentenced to jail.

Travel Tips

Choosing the Right Insurance For Your Trip to Lebanon

Due to instability and insecurity in Lebanon, it's vital that you get a comprehensive insurance plan. International medical insurance which covers emergency evacuation is required in Lebanon. Check that your insurance provides coverage for emergency evacuation. Also, it is advisable to get business, property, and equipment insurance to protect your business entirely. You can also consider getting insurance for terrorism, kidnap and ransom.