Travel Insurance for Libya

Country Risk Code: Extreme

Due to the ongoing conflict and clashes, many governments have advised their citizens not to travel to Libya. However, whether you intend to visit or work in Libya, you should note that the country is considered high-risk. Hence, having the right travel insurance is essential.

Economic and Political Landscape in Libya

In the past, Libya was an attractive and desirable country for most western expatriates in the engineering and construction industry and the oil and gas sector. However, since 2011 the country has experienced military and political instability after the fall of Colonel Gadhafi, which made most foreign companies leave their business and the country. There were frequent clashes between terrorists, ethnic and religious groups. The country became more difficult to operate in as the economy declined.

Potential Risks

Foreign visitors should be cautious as there is a high risk of terrorism, violence, and military attacks. These attacks usually target foreign nationals, especially westerners. Insecurity and political instability are also prevalent as there are widespread, ongoing violent clashes in Libya. The roads leading to the Libyan and Tunisian borders can be closed with prior notice due to a series of conflicts.

Health Risks

There is the risk of contracting COVID-19 in Libya. Foodborne, parasitic, and waterborne disease diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid, measles, tuberculosis, and plague are prevalent in Libya.
Libya has limited healthcare facilities; hence there are a limited variety of medicines.

Transport in Libya

Road conditions are pretty okay in Libya, but the standard of driving is relatively poor. There is also heavy traffic on major Libyan roads. Wind can blow sand which can affect your visibility while driving.

Local Laws

Travel Tips

Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Trip to Libya

Many governments advise their citizens not to travel. Going to Libya against your government advice can affect your travel insurance. Ensure you read and understand the policy before taking a trip to this country. Travel insurance is vital in Libya due to the precarious state of the country. International medical insurance along with cover for emergency evacuation is essential if you plan to travel to Libya.
What’s more, there is a high risk of kidnap; you consider getting kidnap and ransom insurance to protect you if it happens. When it comes to personal security, note that standard policies are not valid due to high risk. Whether you are involved in a road accident or any health condition, you won't be able to access a standard policy. You should get a specialist Libya insurance that will cover everything you need and remain valid regardless of the potential risks. Healthcare facilities are limited; check that your insurance provides cover for emergency evacuation in case there's an emergency.