Travel Insurance for Nigeria

Country Risk Code: High

Nigeria is considered high risk and many governments have advised their citizens not to travel to this destination. The country is unsafe for travelers as there is a high risk of terrorist attacks by bandits and militant groups. Therefore, if you intend to travel to the country, it is important that you have the right travel insurance coverage.


Nigeria, popularly referred to as the giant of Africa, lies in 'West Africa.' Diverse ethnic groups and cultures characterize the country. Nigeria is blessed with vegetation, natural and mineral resources. However, the diversity in religion and ethnicity has made the country experience clashing and conflicting opinions. In the past years, the country was said to be peaceful; however, poor leadership skills, religious clashes, and corruption have made the country suffer high insecurity and political instability.

Potential Risks

Nigeria suffers a high rate of terrorism by militant groups, especially in the North-Eastern part of the country. There have been several terrorist attacks in the country, including major cities such as Abuja and Lagos. These terrorist attacks target a wide range of locations and venues. There's also a high risk of kidnapping in Nigeria.
There is a high crime rate in Nigeria, including assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, maritime crime, terrorism, and piracy. There are also cases of homicide prevalent in the country, especially in the country's northern region. Nigeria suffers civil unrest as there have been public protests and demonstrations which have led to violence and the security forces suppressing civilians through several measures, including live firing. They have also been ongoing cases of religious and sectarian clashes, which have led to the loss of lives of many citizens. The communal conflict between villages in the rural areas and cattle herders has also contributed to recent civil unrest in the country, which increases the risk of violent attacks on bystanders.
Corruption is also said to be on the high side as law enforcement officers often take bribes to divert Justice. Virtually every part of the system has been infiltrated with corruption as bribes have become the order of the day. Travelers may need to give bribes to get past systems.

Transport Risks

Travelling by road has become dangerous as bandits and criminals create ambushes on the road and unleash attacks on travelers and motorists. There have been cases of travellers being stopped on the road and kidnapped for Ransom, and some other people were killed.
The road transport system in Nigeria is generally in poor condition as roads are filled with potholes. Poor drainage system makes the road almost impossible during rainy seasons as flooding takes over the road. In the rural areas, most roads are not tarred, which can release a lot of dust during driving and cause respiratory problems. During the rainy season, untarred roads become very difficult to pass.

Health Risks

Public health care facilities in Nigeria are generally limited. Public health care services are poor, while access to Private Healthcare services could be expensive. Yellow fever is prevalent in the country, and visitors are advised to get vaccinated before traveling to the country. Waterborne, Foodborne, and insect Borne diseases such as cholera and malaria are prevalent in Nigeria. There have also been cases of Lassa fever in the country, which has claimed the lives of some inhabitants.

Travel Tips

Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Trip to Nigeria

Many governments now consider Nigeria as a high-risk country and advise their citizens not to travel there. Your travel insurance can be affected if your destination is against your government's advice. Foreign visitors are advised to get a war and terrorism cover due to the high risk of terrorism, sectarian and ethnic violence levels. Emergency medical insurance that covers emergency evacuation is also essential in Nigeria. Check that your insurance company covers Nigeria before taking the trip.

Travel Advice for LGBT Travelers

Nigeria has strict laws against LGBT activities. In the northern states, heavy penalties are given to anyone caught in same-sex activities.