Travel Insurance for Pakistan

Country Risk Code: Extreme


The Pakistani tourism industry has tremendously improved since 2014. The country is a large country that spans 881,913 km². Pakistan has a beautiful landscape ranging from beaches to rising peaks like K2. Travellers may enjoy traveling to this country; however, there are some risks to note.

Local Laws in Pakistan

Potential Risks

There is the risk of kidnapping, armed robbery, murder, and home invasions. There are also petty crimes and credit card frauds. There is the risk of being carjacked or robbed on public transport. People who travel by bus are exposed to the risk of pickpockets. Travelling by train isn't safe either, especially on longer journeys as there have been cases of militants planting bombs on railway networks.

Natural disasters

The monsoon season, usually between July and September, brings flooding and natural disasters in Pakistan. There have been previous cases of extreme flooding and landslide causing displacement of inhabitant. This severe flooding causes scarcity of food and clean drinking water. Waterborne and insect-borne diseases Skyrocket and continue until the floodwaters dry up. There was a case of flooding in July 2010 which affected land regions in the country; this flooding claimed the lives of over 1450 people and displaced millions of people.
Earthquakes are also prevalent in Pakistan due to the location in which the country lies. In September 2019, an earthquake struck Pakistan and claimed not less than 19 people and left up to 300 people injured. Also, an earthquake that occurred in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2015 claimed the lives of nearly 400 people. Mountainous areas in Pakistan can also experience tremors.

Health Risks

Insect-borne illnesses such as malaria, Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever, and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever are prevalent in Pakistan. Diarrhea is also predominant, which has caused the deaths of many children in Pakistan. Water pollution is also widespread as one in every five citizens experience health conditions related to water pollution.

Travel Tips

Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Trip to Pakistan

Pakistan is full of mountainous peaks; if you intend to go hiking and climbing mountains, ensure that your travel insurance covers hiking heights. Hiking to high altitudes in some mountainous areas can be dangerous as the risk of being kidnapped becomes higher. It's also important that you get travel insurance that covers kidnap and ransom.

LGBT Advice for People Traveling to Pakistan

Pakistan has strict laws against all homosexual acts. LGBT members should take note to avoid paying heavy fines, being punished, or even jailed. Travelers should note that members of the LGBTQ+ community are usually discriminated against, hence LGBT are advised to keep their sexual orientation discreet to avoid being harassed. Sodomy is also illegal in Pakistan.