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Country Risk Code: High

There is an ongoing threat of terrorist attacks in Turkey, especially in the south-eastern part of the eastern European nation. Normally, these threats target diplomatic missions, tourists, and transport networks. During these attacks, many civilians and visitors are killed. Therefore, many countries around the world advise their citizens to avoid visiting Turkey at the moment. However, when visiting Turkey, having the right travel insurance coverage is important.

Potential Risk in Turkey

The risk of violence and war is high in the border states; this is caused by the closeness of this part of the country to conflict-hit areas in Syria and Iraq. The security threats include rocket attacks, kidnapping, shootings, and bomb blasts.
There is a consistent occurrence of protests in Turkey, especially in major cities like Istanbul. Often, these protests turn violent, which can lead to injuries and death of civilians and foreigners. Religious extremists target political protests and use them as an opportunity to launch terrorist attacks.
Muggings and assaults are widespread in the country, especially in tourist areas like Istanbul. Food and drinks are often spiked in bars and restaurants. Seasonal droughts can affect the water supply. Therefore, running water may be scarce in many places, including hotels and guest inns.

Health Risks

Covid-19 is a significant health risk in Turkey, with the continuing transmission. Malaria infection is a consistent health risk, especially in October. Other insect-borne diseases include leishmaniasis and hemorrhagic fever. Hence, you need to take steps to ensure your accommodation is insect-proof. Also, it would help if you used a mosquito repellent.
There have been reports of deaths caused by bird flu in Turkey. Typhoid, and tuberculosis alongside other foodborne and waterborne diseases, are common in the country. Hence, it would help if you were vaccinated against bird flu before travelling to the country.
You can get measles and rabies if you are not careful of your environment. It would be best to drink only boiled water or bottled water. Also, stay away from raw and undercooked meals to avoid health risks.
If you intend to visit clubs and attend parties, you should be careful about alcoholic drinks because they can be mixed with toxic substances such as methanol. So it is best to drink at only reputable bars and restaurants. You should avoid drinking homemade alcohol.
It is possible to mistake methanol poisoning with the effects of excessive drinking. Hence, you will experience fatigue, nausea, and headaches. However, if they persist for more than a day, you should visit the hospital.
However, the rise in Covid-19 cases has placed more pressure on the health sector in Turkey. You will find excellent medical facilities in private hospitals. However, services in public health centres and places outside the major cities are limited.
Also, private hospitals need confirmation of insurance or a guarantee of payment before attending to a patient. As expected, medical bills are higher in private health centres than the public ones.

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Choosing the right insurance for your travel to Turkey

The recent conflict in Turkey is dangerous due to the increased violence affecting many parts of the country. Therefore, you need travel insurance because it will be a challenge to be safe without it. The state of the health care system in Turkey is good, especially in private hospitals.