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We have a unique capacity within the Lloyds of London market that allows us to cover risks that traditional insurance carriers can’t or won’t insure. Do you need higher limits, to cover groups of more than 20, or have unusual or challenging situations that require outside the box solutions? We'll be happy to work on that for you and usually can provide a solution within 7 days. We offer cover and limits in three currencies, GBP, EUR & USD.

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Have you had any claims over 1,000 in the last 3 years?

* Personal Accident: Accidental death & PTD & Dismemberment
* Personal accident: Temporary Total Disability from accident
* Emergency Medical Expenses (with covid) and evacuation
* Crisis, Political and Natural catastrophe Evacuation and Kidnap & Ransom

Do you have a risk management process in place?

If travelling to Group A countries, will you have full time security in country of destination

If travelling to Group A countries, will you be travelling more than 2 hours per day

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