Case Study - COVID-19

Case Study - COVID-19




COVID-19 Positive Employee with Symptoms in a  

deteriorating condition within a resource poor environment 


Insurance client

Operational Requirement: 

Evacuation of COVID-19 Positive Patient to Country of  



The NGS Operations Team was approached by an insurance broker for assistance with the evacuation of one of their clients, a 51-year old male patient with confirmed, deteriorating COVID-19 and a known history of hypertensions and obesity, who was located in  Benghazi, Libya. The patient was complaining of fever for several days, a worsening cough, shortness of breath and a loss of taste and  smell. The incumbent provider had attempted an evacuation within the days prior, however, due to various operational issues with visas  and customs and immigration regulations, their attempts had unfortunately failed. 

NGS Actions 

The NGS Operations Team immediately got a better picture of the patients’ condition by arranging for a telemedicine consultation with a trusted partner. The consultation confirmed what was suspected, that due to the patients pre-existing conditions and current state of  health, an urgent evacuation was required to his home country for a higher level of care than was available in Libya at the time. 

A detailed data capture of the operational issues and finite understanding of the international travel regulations and the changing impact  of Covid allowed us to target an air ambulance provider with known COVID-19 Transport Capabilities. We were quickly able to confirm  that they had both the capability and availability to safely transport the patient. Our advanced level of data capture allowed us to  effectively navigate around the operational issues that had prevented the previous evacuation attempt and close liaison with our  providers gained the clearances for customs and immigration to the patients’ country of residence. 

The Air Ambulance provider was activated and the communications process with the necessary customs and immigration and port  health authorities was initiated. The NGS Operations Team, with assistance from the Air Ambulance Provider, pre-existing Diplomatic  contacts and the client were able to obtain the necessary clearances to allow the evacuation to proceed.  

The patient was evacuated in a portable containment unit, thereby guaranteeing the safety of the medical and flight crew performing  the evacuation, and admission was arranged in a Tertiary Care facility in Greece through the NGS Medical Provider Network.  

Assets Deployed

Telemedicine Capabilities 

COVID-19 Capable Air Ambulance

NGS Medical and Diplomatic Networks

Task Summary

The NGS Operations team is supported by numerous specialist operational departments that organically understand the operational  complexities of challenging situations. We successfully performed this urgent medical evacuation with multi-layered internal  coordination from the NGS Operations Team, targeted support from a trusted Air Ambulance provider with a COVID-19 capable air  ambulance and an existing network of contacts within diplomatic services which, once knitted together, facilitated an evacuation  that appeared to be unable to go ahead after the work done by an incumbent assistance provider.

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