Israel/Palestine Risk Map

An interactive and frequently updated risk map to help plan your travel to Israel and Palestine. Hotspot Cover uses this map to identify the risk zones in Israel/Palestine and provide relevant cover and quotes. You can get an online quote by clicking the quote button below. If you need a bespoke quote for your organisation please contact us.

Map legend:

Border crossing points

Green zone
/ Moderate risk

The ‘Green Zone’ covers majority of Israel which at present is an active war zone, and a moderate risk with potential air strikes.


Orange zone
/ Significant risk

Significant risk of injury and/or death due to its proximity to active combat operations, and significant risk of sickness due to poor sanitary conditions.


Red zone
/ Severe risk

Active ground and air combat operations posing a severe risk of injury, sickness, detainment, kidnap, and/or death.

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The above Risk Map is for underwriting and premium rating purposes only.  It should not be taken as advice of where Hotspot, Underwriters, or anyone else, considers to be safe in the geography covered.  At all times, Policyholders should consult their relevant risk advisers in making decisions about their personal safety whilst travelling to high risk locations.

If you have any questions in regard to zoning we can arrange for an appointment with Hotspot Cover’s risk and crisis advisory and specialists at Global Guardian. All Hotspot Cover insureds can avail of a pre-travel security and safety briefing and a daily safety check-in call as part of our premium services that are embedded at nil extra cost within our insurance to enhance our offerings to you.