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We do not have any policy exclusions or small print that invalidates cover for travel to a country that is subject to a ‘do not travel advisory’ for either security concerns or COVID-19, such as amber or red travel watch lists See FAQ


What's Covered

Medical Expenses

We will cover you for emergency medical expenses incurred on your trip caused by an accident or illness and including evacuation to a nearby hospital or elsewhere as appropriate.

Medical Assistance and Evacuation

24/7 emergency medical assistance and repatriation expenses to ensure you are looked after in stressful situations.

Personal Accident Cover

We will cover you for bodily injury or accidental death occurring from an unforeseen event such as road traffic accident or terrorist attack. Bodily injury includes permanent total disability.


We provide response costs for wrongful detention or kidnap. You will have access to a 24hr global security centre, costs of an interpreter or the deployment of a specialist security consultant to assess your situation and provide advice.


Costs to assist and trigger Mountain Rescue, Coastguard or National Air/Sea rescue that responds for a threat to your life or if you go missing or get injured or seriously ill & whilst travelling off the beaten track..


You will have access to deployment of specialist security consultants in case political evacuation is required.


We are on stand-by for your evacuation or movement to safety should you be in imminent danger or suffer harm as a result of natural occurrences such as earthquake, flood, tsunami, wildfire or volcanic eruption.


You will be indemnified for a payment surrendered on behalf of the insured to meet part of a kidnap demand


We hold a risk registry of all insureds and provide 24 hour incident tracking and provide alerts for incidents that occur during the designated trip dates and location.


Access to a free smart travel app giving a red button alert service, pre travel country reports, and live incident feeds.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

As a journalist, finding cover for Ukraine was not an easy process. Lots of companies said they covered Ukraine, but then the small print essentially meant the policy was useless. In my opinion, Hotspot Cover's policy provides the best protection for me and the services of their assistance provider, Inherent Risk has been outstanding.

Heidi M

I have been struggling to find a broker who could arrange war and terrorism cover and was pleased to find Hotspotcover who provided me a very comprehensive product with a reputable and brands behind them.

John S

We travel to the Middle East to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times per year and have always struggled to get insurance or when we did it was usually expensive. I’m really happy to have found Hotspot Cover.

Richard C

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