Worldwide Cover
including war zones
14 day cooling off period

What's Covered

Medical Expenses

We will cover you for emergency medical expenses incurred on your trip caused by an accident or illness and including evacuation to a nearby hospital or elsewhere as appropriate.

Medical Assistance and Evacuation

24/7 emergency medical assistance and repatriation expenses to ensure you are looked after in stressful situations.

Personal Accident Cover

We will cover you for bodily injury or accidental death occurring from an unforeseen event such as road traffic accident or terrorist attack. Bodily injury includes permanent total and partial disability.

Crisis Response

We provide response costs for wrongful detention or kidnap. You will have access to a 24hr global security centre, costs of an interpreter or the deployment of a specialist security consultant to assess your situation and provide advice.

Political & Crisis Evacuation

You will have access to deployment of specialist security consultants in case political evacuation is required.


You will be covered for any payment surrendered on behalf of the insured to meet a kidnap demand.

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