Hotspot Cover sees high demand for Ukraine

Since Russia launched its large-scale military invasion of Ukraine on the 24th February, over one million refugees have so far escaped the conflict.


In contrast, there has been a mass influx of journalists, photographers, NGOs, observers and security consultants entering the country to report, document and assess the horrors of war. Hotspot Cover has continued to provide emergency medical and evacuation cover for people entering Ukraine, even as other insurance providers have pulled coverage and stopped quoting.


“As a speciality provider of high-risk cover, trusted by leading London-market special risks insurance brokers, we are selling a promise to our travellers that if the unexpected happens, we will cover them, and perhaps more importantly, that we can respond.” says Mark Butler, Director at Hotspot Cover. “We are proud to be supporting the good works of parties heading towards substantial peril. Whilst our Insurance is unique it is but a small part of the picture when you consider our own response personnel and colleagues have also put themselves in harm’s way. We are doing all we humanly can to make good on our commitments.”


In January, Hotspot Cover changed their 24/7 medical assistance and emergency response provider to Inherent Risks, a firm who specialise in complex regions of the world.


Butler continued, “With so many Hotspot policy holders already in Ukraine, with more entering over the coming days and weeks, Inherent Risks took the proactive approach to place their own ex-military specialist response staff on-the-ground to aid organisations and individuals entering the country, and to ensure they can respond if the unexpected should happen.”


Hotspot Cover is experiencing significant growth in the high-risk insurance market which its Directors attribute to finding the sweet-spot between coverage benefits, cost, and service offerings.


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